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7" Ice Cream Scoop Miniature Bench Table Vise Suction Vice For Electronics Model Jewelry Hand Tool 3.5" Miniature Vise Small Jewelers Hobby Clamp On Table Bench Tool Vice Aluminum
Automatic Hands Free Stainless Steel IR Sensor Soap Dispenser White or Chrome Miniature Bench Table Vise Hobby Small Jewelers Mountable Vice Clamp Tool 6 PCS LED Candles w/ Holders
This touch-less motion activated soap dispenser is perfect for your kitchen and/or bathroom and makes washing your hands a breeze. Touch free dispensing allows you to quickly wash away any messes that you have without leaving build-up on the dispenser, making one less thing that needs to be cleaned.

The touch-less motion activated soap dispenser has a stainless steel body with either a chrome or a white finish, making it great for any style of bathroom or kitchen. Perfect for use at home or at your business.
6 pcs color changing LED candles w/ holders Stainless Steel Powered Kitchen Pepper Mill Spice Salt Grinder with LED Light Pocket LCD Digital pH Meter Tester Pen 0.05pH w/ATC Waterproof Pool Aquarium
2 Riddex Plus Pest Repellent for Rodents, Roaches, Ants, Spiders. As Seen on TV Nicer Dicer Plus Super Slicer w/ 12 PCS Fruit Vegetable Peeler Chopper Grater 12 pcs color changing candles w/ holders
Riddex Plus Pest Repeller will drive away pests safely, without fumes, poisons or traps. It is safe around dogs, cats, children, and adults. Roaches, mice, rats, and other vermin are quickly chased away from the premises without being killed. This multi-functional chopping device is the best kitchen helper, it shortens your cooking time from start to finish. Foods that must be cut into cubes, sticks, strips, quarters or eighths cost you time plus you'll need countless kitchen tools (knives, bowls, cutting boards, etc.). With this super slicerit will no longer a problem - you'll have everything in one handy set! Simple and space saving!
12 X LED Battery Operated Flickering Flameless Tealight Candles Swivel Bench Vise XL Full Size Car Cover
XL Car Storage Cover

   Fits any car with a length up to 203 inches
   Provides effective protection from water, dirt, heat, and sunlight
   Prevents UV ray damage in the summer, and snow, frost, and ice damage in the winter
   More durable than PEVA or PVC material
   Two mirror pockets sewn onto both sides
   Light weight, non-abrasive, and sturdy fabric with double stitched seams
   Elastic front and rear bottom for a snug fit
   Comes with a convenient storage bag

Dimensions Length : 203"
Height : 47"
Width :  75"
Weight 27.5 oz
Waterproof polyester
3" Drill Press VISE Pipe Clamping Holding 3 Inch Throat Open Workbench Vice 4 PCS Gear Puller Set 4" Heavy Duty Steel Bench Vise with Anvil w/ Swivel Locking Base Table Top Clamp
CT-6021A Waterproof Portable pH Meter Pen