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10 PCS LR44/AG13/357/LR1154 50 PCS LR44 /AG13/357/LR1154 50 PCS LR44/AG13/357/LR1154
10 PCS LR44/AG13/357/LR1154 coin sell batteries
50 PCS LR44 /AG13/357/LR1154 coin cell batteries

These are 1.55V LR44/AG13 coin cell batteries. These batteries may be used in calculators, watches, cameras, remote controls, lighters, and hundreds of other electronic products. Please check your device for description of battery type before purchasing.

500 PCS LR44/AG13/357/LR1154 1000 AG13 Coin Batteries
500 pcs 1.55V LR44/AG13 coin cell batteries

Wholesale AG13 / LR44 Coin Batteries (Carded) EXP. 2019